Why CAHME is Important to Health Care Organizations

Health Care Organizations (HCOs) invest in CAHME because they recognize that the leaders of tomorrow need competency based education to be ready to lead the health care system of the future.

  • CAHME actively promotes continuous quality improvement in the preparation of future healthcare leaders by developing measurable, mission driven competency-based criteria in partnership with practitioners for excellence in healthcare management education. Employers understand that CAHME accredited program graduates are skilled, competent and ready to lead.
  • For their own employees, many HCOs (including the US Military) require that employees attend CAHME accredited program for leadership training as that creates the best return on their investment in their employees.
  • For their hiring practices, many HCOs select students graduating from CAHME accredited programs. With many types of organizations offering masters degrees, leading employers recognize that students from CAHME-accredited programs are trained on industry-created competencies which means that employees have a greater likelihood for success.
  • For being recognized in the industry, HCOs choose to invest directly in CAHME either through becoming a corporate member or through sponsorship. For example, the CAHME’s Awards provides for the branding of an HCO with CAHME, and national recognition through Modern Healthcare, at ACHE’s Congress, and through the alumni network of leading graduate programs. Modern Healthcare itself is our exclusive media partner for the CAHME Awards.
  • For participating in CAHME, HCOs are called to help shape the future of graduate healthcare management education through CAHME’s boards, councils, committees, and task forces.

CAHME Corporate Members

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What can you do to help?

A strong academic-practitioner partnership is at the core of the CAHME process

By being involved with academic programs, healthcare leaders can help ensure that graduate healthcare management curricula reflect needed competencies while also providing students with opportunities for concrete, experiential learning. 

Healthcare leaders are a critical part of the process
Your active engagement in healthcare management education is needed. Be involved with CAHME accredited programs in your area. Offer internship, residency, or fellowship opportunities to our next generation of leaders. And if a graduate healthcare program in your area is not accredited, assist CAHME in encouraging it to begin the accreditation process.

CAHME needs your participation
As a team, we can secure the future of the healthcare management profession. The strength of CAHME’s academic practitioner partnership is evident. CAHME relies on healthcare organizations of all types to contribute to our mission. An investment in CAHME as a corporate member is an investment in the preparation of individuals for your organization, for the profession as a whole, and for the future of the entire healthcare system.


Become a Corporate Member
As a CAHME partner, you will experience the reward of knowing you make a significant contribution to your professional field. You will also have access to a pool of talented graduates who will seek out your organization and be ready to contribute to the success of your management team. Please join our partnership today. For more Information: Please contact Anthony Stanowski, President and CEO at 301-298-1820 or astanowski@cahme.org