Fellow Testimonials

Lt. Col. Glenn Yap, Assistant Professor, Army-Baylor:

“The CAHME process is a structured method to determine is accreditation criteria are met, but the process is flexible enough for programs to meet their unique goals and objectives. The CAHME process ensures accredited programs provide a rigorous, comprehensive, and top quality education to our future health care leaders.

Being a CAHME fellow is a wonderful learning experience. It has provided me the opportunity to see and share best practices in programs throughout the US and Canada. I will definitely improve the program I'm teaching in and my own teaching style.

CAHME accreditation is the only objective way students can be sure they are receiving a quality healthcare management education. Employers can be assured that CAHME accredited program graduates have received the necessary education to succeed in today's complex health care environment.”

Patricia Ketsche, PhD, Assistant Professor, Georgia State University:

“I found my first site visit experience helpful on several levels.
- Preparation of the report and listening to the discussion of the team helped me to thoroughly understand the accreditation criteria. Even though I have read the criteria before, this work helped me become much more familiar with the content and the rationale for each item- The intense review of another accredited program helped me identify opportunities for strengthening various aspects of our own program.

This provides a good opportunity to network with other Healthcare Management educators and professionals and feel connected to the profession in a way that those of us in an academic setting might otherwise miss."