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Students can quickly search for CAHME accredited programs by Name, State or Degree type to find those programs that best meet their individual educational / professional requirements.

CAHME Accreditation means students are assured an individual healthcare management education program:
  • Meets the highest standards of quality in healthcare management education.
  • Utilizes appropriate academic content for its field.
  • Includes membership in a network of professional colleagues that transcends boundaries of universities, colleges and professional associations.
Why Accreditation is Important?
When a prospective student considers attending a CAHME accredited program they are assured that the program accepts and strives to be exceptional. There are many colleges and universities that purport to offer training for the demanding field of healthcare management. Programs that seek and maintain CAHME accreditation have gone further and have adopted the philosophy that education is subject to a Continuous Quality Improvement Process.

CAHME accreditation is designed to foster high quality professional education for healthcare management education. The term "healthcare management" is used as the single term which includes:

  • Healthcare Administration
  • Health Services Management
  • Hospital or other healthcare organization-specific administration and management
  • Health planning and evaluation
  • Health policy and other related activities


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